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Lash Certification

Become a State Certified Eyelash Extension Professional in Omaha, Ne.

Bella Mia provides the only State approved lash extension course in Nebraska, this course is also approved for 8 continuing education hours.
No need to spend thousands of dollars in traveling and course expenses you won’t find a more comprehensive course in the lash industry. Trained and certified by NovaLash with over 8 years as a Lash Professional, Mia has researched and developed a curriculum using the newest methods, procedures and products.

We are not product driven, once you are fully certified, you may choose to show your certificate and utilize any product brand you desire, or, you can opt to utilize our recommended brands.

During the theory section we discuss the science behind the procedure, safety, and advanced techniques that are guaranteed to produce longer lasting applications for your clients. During the “practical” or “hands on” portion of the class, students receive at least six hours of hands-on training and personalized advice and attention from the instructor. This comprehensive 2 part certification course is designed to educate and train even the most advanced professionals, with latest techniques in the industry. The secondlevel is required after 30 days to ensure proper placement, speed, application technique and separation. Typically, the follow up training is omitted in the industry and technicians are often frustrated. Taking my class will ensure your satisfaction for a much more economical price.